Control Proxy Reference (v1.4.1)

Control Proxy is a simple software utility designed to facilitate network communication between software and hardware components within an audio system. 

The software fulfills three primary functions:

  1. Acts as a matrix for network traffic, redirecting incoming messages from a given source to one or more IP and port destinations.
  2. Applies network protocol translation between incoming and outgoing messages (TCP/IP, UDP, OSC over UDP, and UDP multicast).
  3. Applies optional custom message parsing/modification to incoming and/or outgoing traffic.
  4. Provides a console interface for manually sending messages to user-defined destinations using the appropriate protocols.

Control Proxy provides developers with a single access point to a potential wide variety of destinations, without requiring them to know about destination-specific addresses, ports, and protocols. Protocol translation functionality allows for quick prototyping when sending information between softwares that may not speak the same language out of the box. Custom message parsing helps softwares that use different message syntaxes communicate. Text console message windows serve as a convenient way to test interconnectivity, and to simulate commands coming from remote sources. All Control Proxy functionality is defined in a simple JSON format configuration file.


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