Zachary Seldess
Processing - z_3Dnavs - a group of 3D navigators for Processing- using traditional mouse/keyboard control
download (last updated 9/2/08)


These scripts let you easily navigate openGL or P3D space in Processing using typical 3D game-like keyboard and mouse control. Navigation and other instructions included for each version.

z_3Dnav1a & z_3Dnav1b (walkingSims):
In these versions, moving forward/backward/left/right = moving parallel to the x-z plane. Moving up/down = moving along the y axis. You can look up or down while "walking", but this will not affect your movement on the y axis. You can look around as you move up/down, but this will not affect your movement along the x and z axes. The camera and lookat behavior can be seen as, perhaps, similar to a helicopter - without roll.

z_3Dnav2a & z_3Dnav2b (flyingSims):
These versions are more like true flight simulators (i.e. with camera and lookat behavior similar to a plane - without roll). Forward/backward is in reference to wherever you are currently looking.

z_3Drotate1a & z_3Drotate1b:
These scripts allow you to intuitively rotate the camera in 3D space using the mouse

IMPORTANT NOTE: All scripts ending with 'a' use the java.awt.robot class, and will therefore require a signed certificate in order to run within a web browser. To avoid this, use the corresponding script ending with the 'b'.

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