Zachary Seldess
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Stampede (2011)
  with Madhu Srinivasan (KAUST Visualization Lab)
stampede simulation software for large tiled audio/visual display environments
Sonnotile (2011)
with So Yamaoka and Falko Kuester (UCSD Calit2)
audio annotation and sonification for large tiled audio/visual display environments
paper | poster | video
tinge, disperse v2 (2010)
a two-channel sound installation for the old Asburay Park Boardwalk Casino
listen | info
A Head of View (2009)
an interactive sound world in 3D game-space (premiered at ZKM)
videos | info (English) | info (German) |
Nitrogen Cycles (2009)
with Andrew Demirjian
an 8-channel sound art installation that sonically maps the daily activity of live fish into the gallery space.
video & info
tinge, disperse (2008)
Live 8-channel audio/video work for laptop performer
Empty Shell, Robbed Time (2007)
interactive personal computer sound installations with imposed finite life-cycles
download software | demo videos | info
Music Cre8tor (2007)
an interactive sensor/software interface for musical exploration and education;
designed by Jane Rigler & Zachary Seldess for the Manhattan New Music Project;
programming by Zachary Seldess

video | info
Planetary Excursion (2007)
surround sound interactive 3D solar system;
a collaborative installation/performance piece by Intermedia Arts Group
video | info | software
Circumference (2007)
for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and two classical guitars
Agie (2006)
for solo laptop performer and video projection
video (recorded live) | info | score | part | software
Fred, Victoria, Bruce, and Agnes - LIVE (2006)
for laptop chamber ensemble (4 laptop performers with video projection, 1 laptop conductor)
video | info | score | parts | software
Two Pieces for Solo Laptop (2006)
for solo laptop performer - 1. Galap 2. Levi
listen (galap - recorded live) listen (levi - recorded live) | score | galap part | levi part | software
Vexations_6.11 (2006)
a solo laptop arrangement of Satie's "Vexations" for piano
listen (recorded live @ Sculpture Center) | score | part | software
Street Figher: an improvisational ballet (2006)
an ongoing collaboration with composer Yonatan Niv and visual artist Andy Graydon
Ryu vs Gen video | Akuma vs Blanca video | info | pics
ccaabbiinneett (2006)
for solo laptop performer
Cabinet (2006)
for flute, oboe, violin, cello, and two classical guitars
Flocks 1 (2006)
  two-channel playback

Point Profess Your Excellency Seat (2005)
for flute, oboe, and bass clarinet
Music of the Cube (2004)
for 48 musicians, a conductor (who manipulates a 3x3 Rubik's Cube) and a Flash program manipulator (who transfers the Cube manipulations to the computer)
score | flash program
Sonic Chess (2002)
for 32 musicians and two chess players
score (part 1) score (part 2)
Etiquettes 1, 2, 3, 4 (2002)
1. for five performers
2. for two pairs of performers, each pair comprised of like instruments
3. for six or more bowed strings
4. for two or more groups of three performers, each group comprised of like instruments
Procession: Yang Shuo Extract (2001)
for two double reeds, two gongs, one pitched hide drum,
two unpitched hide drums, and two sets of cymbals
124 Milton St. Extract: two movements (1999, 2000)
for ten crystal glasses played by ten performers, one marimba played by one performer, two drum sets played by four performers, and white noise;
for five cystal glasses played by five performers, one marimba played by one performer, one drum set played by two performers, and white noise

listen | score (5 glasses) score (10 glasses)

Prelu (1998)
for rock band (two electric guitars, electric bass, and drum set)
Under (1998)
for trombone, bass flute, baritone saxophone, and bass clarinet
Notation Studies No.1 , No.2 (1998)
for cello, baritone saxophone, and bassoon
Findings (1998)
for solo classical guitar
Along These Paths (1997)
for baritone voice, alto flute, bass clarinet, and guitar
Boiling Water Music (1996)
for solo french horn with thimbles
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